How To Increase Google Search Organic Traffic In Blogs and Double Your Earnings

Learn How To Increase Google’s Search Engines Organic Traffic In Blog Posts.

Friends, today’s topic is How to Increase Google Search Traffic? What is the “Organic Traffic” on the website? This is a big problem for us, we post blog, and even share it. But Traffic does not come on Blog


Organic traffic drive on the website is a huge task and we have to create a better SEO Strategy and Social Media Strategy for this. We will talk about some similar strategies here, which can help to increase Organic Traffic on our blog.

Only some of Google’s major updates have come in, from which Google Core Search Engine Algorithm update is an important update. Whenever any Google Update comes up, it is related to Core algorithm, it’s much more impacted on New Blog.


Because the new bloggers are engaged in making their reputation on the internet and they need traffic from Organic Search. In this case, there is a slight impact on the arrival of the Search Engine Update. It has been affected on my blog traffic.

If we have to do organic traffic increase on our blog in future and have to run along with such updates. We must always keep in mind some SEO tips and Search Engine tips.

Tips – focus on quality over quantity i.e. should focus on the quality of the elements of our blog and not on quanity

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Google SEO Specialists and Webmasters believe Google always puts its updates in mind by keeping Customer in mind and always leads the same blog. Those who have relavant content In such a case, if we have to do Organic Methods Google Search Organic traffic Increase. So you have to follow some tips for it.
Content Optimization:
Content Optimization is the most important part of content marketing. In Google’s view, content that users would like to enjoy, which the user can read more and who share it. That is the best content.

In such a way, whenever you have to publish a post on your blog, we need to take care of some things.


Whena user searches on the internet and appears in our Blog Search. First, the user sees the title of our blog and it also helps our blog come first in Search.

That’s why we should write Title Unique and Informative, by which only the user can see an Idea by looking at the title and what about the blog.

Send money to this bank immediately with this app?

This is not a Relavant title, in which the user will confuse which app is told about.

Send money to Bank immediately with Paytm App?


This is not a Relavant title, in which the user will confuse which app is told about.

Send money to Bank immediately with Paytm App?

It is a Relavant title and if anyone wants information about transfer money from Paytm on the internet. So this title will read and click.


When writing content, we all do it much faster. Pay less attention to its relavancy and accuracy. While a quality content is the only one that helps most in Organic Traffic Increase on our website.Therefore, whenever you want to write a new post, first it should be written about Content Research, Keyword Research, and then start writing after writing the content in 1000 Words, and with utmost care on Uniqueness.



When writing Article, select a Focus Long tail keyword and use it in content from 1.5% to 2.0%. That is, if you write 1000 Words of Content, then you can use your Focus Keyword 10 to 20 times. This will benefit us in keyword ranking and we can easily rank your article on google.


Google Search

Image Optimization-

Image Plays a Good Role in Organic Traffic Increase on Google Search and it is considered Image Optimization as a better SEO factor. Therefore, the image should be used in Blog, but be careful, use the image to do the same where the image is required, and do not forget to write about the image in ALT Image.

Social Optimization & Promotion:

Whenever we do a Query Search on Internet. So we get to see millions of related answers. In such a way, it is not easy to leave behind all these answers and to come first.


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In such a way, Social Optimization and Promotion can help us a lot and it can Incease 120% Organic Traffic of our Blog.

As organic traffic increases, due to Keyword Optimization and Keyword Ranking Improve, our blog is coming first on a Keyword. So we get the most traffic on it.

With Social Optimization, we can improve Keyword Ranking. For this, we will have to go on promotion immediately after writing the post and together with all the social media, social bookmarking, directory, submit your post to such websites.


Organic traffic

Increase Contribution on Other Website-

The way here can be a better option for our website reputation and ranking. We should join the popular websites, Forums on the Internet and discuss there about your website and article.


Guest Posting-

Blog Guest is no longer a part of SEO, but here we can help to boost traffic of our website. How to do guest posting? Have to say. We talked about it in detail in this video


Friends, these are some of the important strategies. Which can increase organic traffic on our blog. There are some more Straties and we have already discussed about it.



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